Technology in the Classroom

Similar to other medias that we use in the classroom to engage learners, technology allows students to explore and broaden their knowledge in a different context. Learning in school is generally confined to classrooms and textbooks; however, the opportunities to enhance and deepen our students learning through technology is significant in our current generation. There are endless possibilities with the use of technology in classrooms, and it is our job to learn and possess the skills necessary for teaching with this media. Technology in schools allows children to explore the world in a much richer and deeper context. And because of this, children are given greater opportunities to learn about the world that we live in. It is one thing to hear about something that is on the other side of the world, but when you have the ability to witness first hand, the ability to comprehend information is so much greater. I was sitting in a lecture recently, and one of the presenters stated a quote that she had heard in Disneyland that resonated with me. The quote said: “Hearing something 100 times os not as good as seeing it once.”  Technology in schools is a fascinating and valuable journey that allows educators, administrators, parents and children to think outside of the box in terms of  learning and teaching.

What kinds of possibilities do you see in the future of technology in education?


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