“Full-day kindergarten helps youngsters”

I was watching the news clip, “Full day kindergarten helps youngsters”, and what came across my mind as I watched it was how much society seems to be taking away from the idea of being a child. Full-day kindergarten, as the “expert” states, “allows students to do better academically, listen more attentively, get along better with their peers, and have more success in future classrooms.” What about the importance of time spent being a child? Are children growing up to fast?

If we pressure young children to spend more time in schools, could it possibly take away the ability to think for themselves, to engage in play, to be creative, and learn in their natural environments? What about time spent with family? What is your opinion on full-day kindergarten?

– Photo by D Sharon Pruitt


5 thoughts on ““Full-day kindergarten helps youngsters”

  1. I think we do enough to stress our children out. Between getting divorced, being single parents, and fighting with partners, we need to accept that kids are kids and shouldn’t have to deal with adult problems. This includes worrying about academics. Kids need to experience life, play outside, and go for bike rides. I can see full day kindergarten being a benefit to children with inadequate home lives, however.

  2. Hi Alison!
    This is a very controversial issue which has many parents and educators thinking! I personally do not think that full day kindergarten would be that bad of an idea. It gets the children in a routine, as it is hard for some students to adjust to school life. You make some really great points though!

  3. I can see full day Kindergarten classes coming to Regina very soon. Parents will gladly promote this because most children are in daycares already and the costs of child care are high. The government will also push this because of the shortage of daycare spots in the city. I’m not sure what to agree with. Most children are being raised in daycares so sending them to school for a full day of Kindergarten would not be that different. I guess I’m just going to agree with full day Kindergarten because I think its going to happen no matter what. Parents are going to have to take some responsibility in spending time as families (after school, weekends) and encouraging free play.

  4. This is a very interesting video, especially because it’s happening right here in Saskatchewan. I can see why this is such a tough decision for the Ministry of Education….Personally, I think that if teachers plan their lessons with the extremely short attention span of the students in mind, the students won’t be overwhelmed by spending the entire day at school….However if this is not taken into account, a whole day of kindergarten would be sheer torture!

  5. Ha ha… I was actually thinking about the question when I was reading the first part of your post. I am actually not sure. What I don’t like about the idea is that there is a pressure for success and ‘making it’ academically etc. It really depends what you define as ‘success’, I think…

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