I’m so much more than just a teacher!


Prior to my internship, I was never fully aware of the many “jobs” that a teacher encompasses within their daily careers.Through my experiences, I have become aware that teaching is so much more than merely informing students about subject areas in school. One of my finds on Pinterest describes that many roles in which a teacher undergoes daily as well as emphasises what it truly means to be a teacher.

“I’m So Much More Than Just A Teacher!”



Pinterest for Educators

Recently I have come across the online bulletin board called Pinterest. Pinterest is an excellent resource that allows people to share websites, images, links, and other resources that they have come across in their web browsing. If you find something that you like, then you can pin it to your own virtual bulletin board. Here is a screenshot of my own Pinterest bulletin boards.

I would strongly suggest Pinterest to other educators because it allows for people to collaborate and share educational ideas for the classroom. So far, I have come across fabulous educational quotes, classroom set-up ideas and resources and ideas for Language Arts, Visual Art, Science, and Math. One thing that I really appreciate and like about Pinterest is that it has its own link dedicated to the field of education, which can be viewed here.

The Twitter Experiment: Twitter in the Classroom

I was looking on Youtube and came across this video. I felt that this was an excellent way to provide students with a sense of “voice” in large group discussions, particularly within university classrooms. Do you think it is possible to use this social media in schools today? How would you feel about using this media in an educational setting as both student and teacher?

Classroom Symphony

I was reading my text book, Serious Players in the Primary Classroom by Selma Wassermann, for my Early Childhood Education class, and one quote that I came across truly moved me. The quote said:

“The teacher must be the composer, the orchestrator and the conductor of the classroom symphony, if the players are to make beautiful music.”

“Moose Jaw Teacher Wins $15,000 Prize”

I was reading the CBC newsfeed, and one article that I came across was “Moose Jaw teacher wins $15K prize”. As I came across this article, I was inspired by the fact that a school so close to home thrives in the use of technology in the classroom. Their use of social media and visual representations through technology are phenomenal. This article excites me for my future with technology in the classroom.