Pinterest for Educators

Recently I have come across the online bulletin board called Pinterest. Pinterest is an excellent resource that allows people to share websites, images, links, and other resources that they have come across in their web browsing. If you find something that you like, then you can pin it to your own virtual bulletin board. Here is a screenshot of my own Pinterest bulletin boards.

I would strongly suggest Pinterest to other educators because it allows for people to collaborate and share educational ideas for the classroom. So far, I have come across fabulous educational quotes, classroom set-up ideas and resources and ideas for Language Arts, Visual Art, Science, and Math. One thing that I really appreciate and like about Pinterest is that it has its own link dedicated to the field of education, which can be viewed here.


7 thoughts on “Pinterest for Educators

  1. I signed up too! Although I’ll admit I was a little bit confused about the concept at the beginning I am definitely hooked now. I think Pinterest is a great resource for collaborating with educators around the world. So many great ideas out there!

  2. I have been a fan of Pinterest for a few months now. But only recently, in the last couple of weeks have I signed up for an actual account. Before I would just look around and thought it was neat. I am glad that I finally signed up for an account because now I can ‘bookmark’ and save all of the cool ideas I find. It is a great place for educational resources! I have become addicted!

  3. I have recently become addicted to Pinterest as well, and I agree that it is a great sight for educators! Not only is it a great place to find resources, but I love how you can organize it, extremely helpful!

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