I’m so much more than just a teacher!


Prior to my internship, I was never fully aware of the many “jobs” that a teacher encompasses within their daily careers.Through my experiences, I have become aware that teaching is so much more than merely informing students about subject areas in school. One of my finds on Pinterest describes that many roles in which a teacher undergoes daily as well as emphasises what it truly means to be a teacher.

“I’m So Much More Than Just A Teacher!”



5 thoughts on “I’m so much more than just a teacher!

  1. I was recently at my Internship school and seen this poster hanging on the cupboard. I began to read and thought to myself the next time I have someone tell me that all a TEACHER does is teach ABC’s and 123’s, like how hard can that be! I will pull this poster out and allow them to read the many different bodies that we enter into on a daily basis!!!

    We are more than just Teachers!!!

  2. I always love reading these kind of lists; there’s nothing like these lists to make you feel happy that you decided to become a teacher! It is so true though…we have to be all things to all of our students, what a tremendous calling! I believe we learn to juggle all of these responsibilities through EXPERIENCE, experience and more experience! No instant fix for this situation!

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