Technology: Bringing the World Together!

I recently watched the YouTube video, KONY 2012. As I watched this video, I considered how technology can allow the world to come together for world peace. I have heard about children in Africa who have been forced to become child soldiers, but in actually witnessing this video and hearing the first-hand account of a young Ugandan boy, I was able to develop a deeper empathy for children who are exposed to war in Africa. To hear about something, and to actually be a part of the fight for justice, are two very different things. The creator of this video is clearly very passionate and driven, and through the use of technology, he was able to express his message and bring the world awareness about Joseph Kony. This video has truly empowered me! If you have time, please watch it below. The video is 30 minutes, but I assure you, it is worth the time!


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