Craft Ideas to Help Create a Safe and Welcoming Classroom Environment!

I have been thinking a lot about how I am going to create a welcoming and inclusive classroom that children can feel safe, wanted, and accepted in. I believe that visual art is a fabulous way for children to represent themselves! Below are three pictures of art projects that I believe would promote a positive and inclusive classroom environment.

If you have any other cool art projects please send them my way! I am always looking for more ideas! šŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Craft Ideas to Help Create a Safe and Welcoming Classroom Environment!

  1. I don’t know if you have Pinterest, but if not I suggest getting it. It’s been discussed before in our class, but as a teacher i think it is definitely worth getting. There are so many craft ideas like this, so try it out and see what you can find!

  2. Nice pictures Alison, very you :), so artsy and creative! I think that it is very important to create an inviting classroom for students. These are all great ways for students to get creative and express who they are.

  3. Beautiful! Here is an idea I used while teaching in Jamaica: I had the students trace and cut out an outline of their hand, decorate it to represent themselves, and then I stapled the hands to a large oval as petals. Add a stem, and you’ve got a classroom flower. The caption on the inside could read “We grow and learn together”. Here is a picture, though I’m not sure if the link will work because its attached to my facebook page:

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