iPads: Changing the Way Children Learn

The iPad is a fascinating piece of technology that seems to be taking the world by storm! Originally the idea of an iPad was not very appealing to me, as I envisioned it as a big version of the iPod. Over the course of this semester however, I have been exposed to the numerous benefits of the iPad in communicating, teaching and learning. I was browsing the Education page on Pinterest, and I came across an article titled “iPads Changing The Way Children Learn Today”. In this article, it was discovered that the use of technology at a very young age can affect the development of children’s cognitive function. It was stated in the article that the iPad creates “amazing opportunity to entertain and teach kids in a new and interactive way.” Below is a piece of the article that I found to be relevant to children, teachers and parents!

“… creating dependence from an early age will no doubt alter a child’s methods of processing information. Giving them the ability to experience the world from their laps is an amazing opportunity and freedom, but if misused we may see a generation conditioned for a decreased desire for human interaction and inability to dive deep into complex issues or focus, symptoms of which teachers are already seeing in classrooms around the world. The iPad must be a complimentary tool that will enrich a child’s educational experiences, not a substitute, and parents need to be responsible for what their kids are doing with technology.”

                                                          – Gideon Hayden

I feel that iPad’s are a phenomenal piece of technology that allow children to explore the world around them in a much more advanced way. Technology in the classroom for individuals with exceptionalities is a significant resource. In my Educational Psychology course, “Children with Special Needs”, we were given an assignment to become experts on particular exceptionalities. The exceptionality that I researched was Cerebral Palsy. Some people with CP are nonverbal, and I learned that different forms of augmentative communication allows these individuals to use words and phrases to communicate with the world around them. The iPad for  individuals who are nonverbal is a significant communication tool, as it has an app that says words and phrases at the touch of a button. Along with many other apps, the iPad gives endless opportunities for all children to engage in learning experiences. If I had a choice, I would definitely use the iPad as an educational resource in my classroom!

Below is an image that I found to be quite humorous:

Hopefully someday soon I can have my own iPad! 🙂

What are your thoughts about children using iPad’s in the classroom? At home? What opportunities does if open up for children in education today?


3 thoughts on “iPads: Changing the Way Children Learn

  1. My thoughts about I-pad’s are changing. I now see it as an amazing tool that will allow students to learn, interact, create, collaborate and share with others. I am even considering buying an I-pad instead of the Macbook – what I really wanted to purchase. Technology really is a good tool for all students and it can definitely impact the lives of students with disabilities in positive ways buy giving them opportunities they would otherwise not have.

  2. I love my iPad. There are so many apps that could be used when educating students. Even in this class (ECMP 355) my iPad has come in handy especially because I don’t have a Mac laptop and using iMovie or other apps have made assignments easier to do. For my final project I downloaded the Pixstop app and it has made my life easier I couldn’t imagine creating a stop motion video without this app. I do however believe that iPads don’t replace laptops and that you need both.

  3. iPads are a great tool for students and for children that are not yet school aged. I currently babysit for a family as a part time job and they have 2 iPads just for the children to play with. The apps are incredible and so much can be learned from using these tools. I agree with the idea that the iPad will never replace a laptop but they are a very cool tool! In terms of students writing essays and different assignments I don’t think that an iPad is needed. If a teacher plans to do more interactive teaching/learning then an iPad would be a great way to get students engaged.

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