Tech Task One

Tech Task #1: About Me

There are many terms that I can use to describe myself: daughter, sister, aunty, granddaughter, niece, friend, teacher, student. I have one semester to go before I achieve my undergraduate degree in elementary education.

I feel, both personally and professionally, that technology is advancing and that we need to prepare ourselves for this new generation. Technology in the classroom opens many doors to the future of our students.  I believe that it is our responsibility as educators to demonstrate the positive attributes of the cyber world, as it is relevent to our students. I feel that the use of technology in the classroom allows all students to interact in the classroom setting in some way or another.

Through my experiences in education, both as student and educator, I believe that technology in the classroom should be embraced rather than feared. It is an excellent tool that meets the needs of diverse learners! There are so many learning opportunities that come from the use of technology, some of them include: the use of YouTube videos to emphasize a concept; Skyping with a class across the province, across the country, across the world; Smartboard lessons and games for various topics. If done effectively, the possibilities for technology in the classroom are endless.

Of course there are some negative factors concerning technology, and more specifically social media, in classrooms concerning privacy. Cyberspace can be a scary place. It is my belief that students can learn a lot about the proper use of social media in the classroom, together with and/or demonstrated by a teacher.

My “technological literacy” is fairly average. It is my hope, however, to gain an understanding of and effectively use different online medias that can be utilized in my future classrooms. My expectations for this class are simple. I hope to accomplish the creation of a successful professional blog and gain a bounty of online educational resources over the course of the semester. Also, I would like to learn more about technology in general, and learn ways of applying it and using it within the classroom environment.


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