Tech Task Nine

RIP: A Remix Manifesto

For this tech task we were asked to watch the video RIP: A Remix Manifesto.

One question that I chose to focus on was in Chapter One of the study guide to the RIP: A Remix Manifesto video. The question asked “do you think that if you manipulate an existing song enough you can eventually claim it as your own creation? Where do you draw the line between copying and creating?”

I think that individuals who remix and manipulate old music into new rhythms and beats should be given credit for their new creations as it takes a great deal of knowledge and skill to create good remixes. In one respect I understand that it can be upsetting to have something that you created re-altered or remixed into something different, enforcing why I feel there should be some credit given towards the original artists of the music being used in remixes. Many people are possessive about their creations and understandably so, but in this day and age, sharing and collaborating is a reality of the 21st century.  I do not feel that it should be illegal to remix or use music from other artists around the world, as the potential to recreate sounds and music into something new is endless. In this generation there is a significant change in the development of the culture, as we live in a “digital age”, and because of this, it is important to share and collaborate as one. The narrator of the video explained that copyright as being a barrier for “creators” and if remixed or created into something new, there is potential for corporations to start lawsuits. The picture above is an image from the video, and it explains the concept that “culture always builds on the past” and yet “the past always attempts to control the future”. Something that troubled me was the fact that  the people who created new music mash-ups from older songs were in fear of having their projects shut-down because of copyright law. The narrator stated that copyright is out of control as it is in search of profit, implying that the purpose of copyright is more for making a profit rather than giving credit to original artists. I am uncertain as to where to draw the line in terms of creating and copying, but I do feel that remixing music is a reality in our current generation.

Overall, this video was very interesting to watch and I am glad that I had the opportunity to think about copyright in a much more detailed light.



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