Tech Task Ten

Tech Task #10:Learning Management Systems Evaluation

Recently in ECMP-355 we have been exposed to two different Learning Management Systems. For our tech task, we were asked to compare and contrast Edmodo and Schoology in small groups. Our group created a Google Document that compares and contrasts both Learning Management System’s, which can be accessed here. What I particularly like about both systems is that they are private and that the teacher can monitor what goes onto the “online classroom” wall so to speak. I tweeted asking fellow educators which LMS they would prefer to use, and one response was that Facebook is a better option because that is where the parents are.

Both LMS’s appeared to be very similar to Facebook, as both allow profile pictures, groups, and wall posts, while also having access to class discussion on the main page.

Ideally, I feel that these tools are intended to create a safe online space for classrooms, and is a space where students can access homework, ask questions, and get clarification from teachers and peers.

Evaluation of Edmodo: I really like the layout of this LMS. It is similar to Facebook. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and allows both children and adults to access information quickly and sufficiently. My favourite service on Edmodo is the access to assignments. I feel that having its own separate page allows children, parents and teachers to know exactly where to find assignments and other information pertaining to classroom tasks. Edmodo offers an online calendar that allows students to refer back to it for due dates and upcoming events. Another convenience to Edmodo is that it allows teachers to enter grades into its own separate page. One thing that Edmodo seems to be missing, however, is the ability to share and collaborate with other teachers. In Schoology the teacher can invite other teachers to join the classroom page whereas in Edmodo you cannot.

Evaluation of Schoology:

In comparison, Schoology is a similar educational online tool. I was not as fond of this LMS as I was Edmodo, mainly because of the appearance. I found that the set up was a little confusing in comparison to Edmodo. One service that I particularly liked about Schoology was the ability to allow other educators to join your homepage. This would be particularly handy if a class had more than one teacher! However, once a student posts something on the site, only the teacher who created the account can make changes to the content.

I can understand that value of both Learning Management Systems, as they allow a class to come together through the use of an online space. I feel that both enable all students to participate and to have their voice heard. All to often we forget that some students are too shy to speak in a whole group discussion in the classroom, but through the use of this social learning media, I feel that all children  have more chances to share their thoughts.

In my future as an educator, I can definitely see myself using Edmodo as an instructional online tool for my classroom. I feel that this would be a fabulous space to create a digital classroom.


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