Applying Our Learning In The Classroom: Grade 11/12

We began by  playing a game of “Yes, And…” with the class in a large circle. Tara and I explained and demonstrated how it was done, and the class did a very good job. We also introduced the song game, where one person starts singing a song, and when the song reminds another player of a new song, the new player begins to sing. The class did a fabulous job singing, and I was surprised to see that it had lasted so long! For me, I always found this game to be a challenge. We also played “He Said, She Said” with the class which seemed to be a hit for some of the young actors in the crowd.

Going into the grade 11/12 room was overwhelming because my experience has always been working with students in the primary grades, Kindergarten to grade five. Once we got in there though, I found that their ability to do drama was phenomenal. Tara and I introduced two games to the class that we ourselves had never played before, and the end result was success. Here is a video of Tara and the grade 11’s and 12’s playing “Hitchhiker” for the first time.

At the rural school that we were at, each member of the grade 11/12 class had a school twitter account. We asked the students’ to tweet to Tara and I about what they enjoyed or what they learned from the drama workshop. Although we only received one response from a student so far, it was definitely and excellent way to hear the voice of the students through this form of social media! Here is a picture of the response we received from one of the students.


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