Fortunately, Unfortunately

The next improv game I would like to play is called “Fortunately, Unfortunately”.I was able to find this improv game through YouTube. Like many of the other games that we have engaged in, it was demonstrated by ExpertVillage! This YouTube channel is a fabulous resource for teachers seeking help on what the drama game entails. Below is a video demonstration of “Fortunately, Unfortunately”:

Here are our two attempts at “Fortunately, Unfortunately”. In these videos you will see that Tara and I are definitely improving on our ability to do improv! We are thinking less about what to say and speaking the first words that come to mind.

Attempt 1:

With practice at the game, this preview of “Fortunately, Unfortunately” turned out to be very succesful. In terms of my own improv learning, I feel that this activity was much more fluid and less thought out. There has been an absolute improvement in the way Tara and I have been able to act in improvisations and it is wonderful to view our progress via online video.

Attempt 2:

This video was a fun attempt at “Fortunately, Unfortunately”. Both Tara and I love the Harry Potter Series, so we decided to use it as a topic for our improv. It was quite humorous thought because Tara, who is a true fan of Harry Potter, had to difficult task of saying “unfortunately” statement. This video is fun to watch, particularly for those of you who have watched or read Harry Potter.


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