Name-Rap Game

Improv: Name-Rap Game

The “Name-Rap” game would be a great opening-exercise to get to know student’s names in your classroom. The idea of this game is to think quickly on your feet and create a short rap about someone’s name (it could be a name selected by an audience member, a classmate, a teacher, etc.). The challenge for me was thinking about rhyming words quickly!

Not only was this activity fun and creative, but it was also a challenge! I would love to someday use this in my classroom, as children are great idea generators. This activity is relevent in the classroom as it relates to two strands of the Arts Education curriculum, drama and music.

Below is a video of Tara and I attempting the “Name-Rap” activity. You will notice that after a few tries, the rhythm of the rap became more in sync between the two of us, as we were able to think quickly on our feet. We are not professional improv artists by any means, but I think that through a little more practice we will start to see improvement.


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