Wrapping It All Up…

Over the course of the learning project for ECMP-355 Tara and I have engaged and explored comedy improv. We engaged in many fabulous games, warm-ups, and activities that helped us learn how to become comfortable with the process of improvisation. I feel that both Tara and I have learned a lot about improv and drama, both in our personal learning and, as well, the learning of others. Although it was sometimes difficult to do improv with the same person continuously, I feel that the skills that I have developed, such as “thinking less” and “going with the flow”, were truly beneficial in long-run of my personal learning project.

By no means am I an expert at improv, nor do I compare to those with the gift of acting. Through this experience however, I learned that  teaching Drama, and more specifically, improv, is a skill that I have come to acquire. I first discovered that I loved to teach Drama during my internship teaching experiences in a grade 4/5 room; and entering into new classroom to teach Drama truly reinforced this! I believe that the arts are an outlet that allow children to express who they are and for that reason, I enjoy teaching Drama.

The learning project has allowed me to expand my personal learning, and as well, has taught me that sharing and collaborating with others through the use of technology can teach people to learn different skills in a variety of ways. By putting ourselves out there and using YouTube and Twitter to get feedback from peers and other professionals, I feel that the learning experience was much richer.

Tara and I were lucky to teach improv to the grade 5/6 class and the 11/12 class in a rural community. It was a fabulous experience being able to bring our learning into the classroom setting. For me, this reinforced the concept of life-long learning!


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