Yes, And…

Improv is not something that comes naturally to me which is evident in our first videos. It is clear that we both had to think a lot about what to say during the warm-up activity. Although it was a lot of fun to engage in the improv game, I am hoping to see better results later on in our learning project. And hopefully, we can have more natural and quick responses.

The game “Yes, And…” involves one person saying anything that comes to mind and another person responding to them with a “yes, and…” statement. I would have liked to work in a larger group, because often times I feel that working in pairs is more difficult! This game was a lot of fun and I would definitely use it in my classroom.

Here is a video of how to play the game “Yes, And…” by the ExpertVillage professionals.

Here is a preview of our first attempt at improv with the game “Yes, and…”:

Attempt #1:

Attempt #3:


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