Fraction Resources

Fractions Resources

  • While I taught fractions during my internship to the grade 4/5 class, I came across this phenomenal resource, Laura Candler’s Fraction File Cabinet. It provided a number of free worksheets and activities that were quite beneficial in the planning of my lessons. I would suggest checking it out if you plan on teaching fractions in the future!
  • Here is another resource that I came across in my web browsing. It is a blog called The Teacher Wife: Fraction Fun. This blog offers ideas about how to teach fractions, and a completed “Fractions Fun Unit”.
  • In my internship I created centers for my students to engage in as a summary to the fractions unit. To view my center task cards and activity sheets click the Math Fraction Centers link.
  • As a fun ending activity for fractions, I decided to apply the grade 4/5 students’ knowledge of fractions to an everyday scenario. In groups of six, the class and I baked our own chocolate chip cookies. We had left over Areo pieces from the fraction centers above and because of that we added it into the recipe. Here is a link to the baking recipe and assignment that I had given to the kids – Baking Fractions Recipe & Worksheet.
  • If you would like to explore more with the concept of baking in your fractions unit, here is a wonderful worksheet that I found online – Baking Fraction Cupcakes Worksheet

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